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Duracell have three different non-rechargeable battery ranges, each designed with a different purpose in mind. The Plus and Ultra Power ranges are Alkaline based and represent Duracells best ever formulation. The Ultra Power range has been developed to last longer in high drain devices. As you would expect the different ranges present different strengths and therefore lend themselves to different applications.

Simply Duracell

Duracell Plus Power

Duracell Ultra Power

Simply Duracell Batteries
  • Duracell performance at great value*
  • Currently available in AA & AAA
  • Alkaline chemistry
  • *vs. other Duracell alkaline based on recommended retail price when not on promotion
Duracell Plus Power Alkaline Batteries
  • Duracell's most popular batteries
  • Up to 40% more power vs Simply Duracell (in high drain devices vs. Simply Duracell AA/AAA. Results vary by device.)
  • Perfect for every day use
  • Super Conductive Graphite Technology
  • Available in all battery sizes
  • Alkaline
Duracell Ultra Power Batteries
  • Up to 40% more power*
  • Only Ultra Power Batteries have PowerCheck
  • Ideal for high drain devices
  • High performance cathode
  • Available in all battery sizes
  • Alkaline
  • *In high drain devices vs. Duracell Plus AA, Results vary by device

The Alkaline based batteries are long established in the market and are a lightweight solution to today's mobile power requirements.

The Plus range represents a reliable energy source for every day use, in fact the Duracell Plus Power AA and AAA batteries are the number 1 selling battery for every day use. The Plus Power range is best suited to use in low drain items such as your remote controls and clocks.

Duracell Ultra Power is the Most Powerful Duracell Alkaline battery ever. No other Duracell alkaline battery lasts longer than Ultra Power (based on the average of testing for devices used most). The Ultra Power uses a High Performance Cathode, superconductive graphite and ultra pure manganese dioxide (MnO2) to provide more power than other Alkaline batteries. This means that Ultra Power batteries are best suited to high drain devices such as portable stereos and digital cameras. It is worth noting when you upgrade to Ultra Power that you should not use different capacity batteries at the same time in your device. In other words you should not mix Ultra Power and Plus batteries. We recommend you use only Duracell Ultra Power batteries.

Simply Duracell provides quality Duracell power that you know and trust from Duracell at a great value vs. other Duracell alkaline based on recommended retail price when not on promotion.

Alkaline and Nickel Oxy Hydroxide batteries should be disposed of sensibly with the environment in mind. Please make use of your local battery collection point and do not place them in the general waste. Battery collection points can be found in local super stores or at your municipal waste facility. Alternatively we will take them back and dispose of them for you. If you are looking for a greener alternative to primary 'one use' batteries try Duracell rechargeable batteries.

Duracell rechargeable batteries offer the following advantages over standard Nickel Cadmium batteries (standard non-rechargeable batteries):

  • Higher Capacity - Last up to 40% longer than ordinary nickel-cadmium batteries
  • Fast Charging - Can be charged in approximately 1 hour
  • Long life cycle - Up to 500 charge / discharge cycles
  • Safe - Designed to safely withstand abusive conditions in consumer devices
  • More Environmentally Friendly - Zero percent Cadmium, Mercury or Lead.
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