Duracell Batteries, Chargers & Power Adapters

Find the Duracell battery, charger, power adapter or rechargeable battery you need at Duracell Direct.

Accept no substitutes - Duracell are quite simply the world's best batteries.

Whether you need an Alkaline battery, like the multi-purpose AA battery, or a Rechargeable battery, Coin cell, Hearing Aid battery, or a battery charger, Travel charger or Fast charger you'll find it here. You will also find rechargeable battery packs to replace your Laptop Battery, Digital Camera Battery, Camcorder, PDA, smart phone, mobile phone, iPod or MP3 player batteries. If you're away from a power source or in the car, we have an In-Car charger, Travel charger, USB charger or Pocket charger to suit your needs.

Duracell Direct supply a huge range of household batteries including our best-selling Duracell Plus battery range. Designed to last and last and last, Duracell Plus is our No 1 selling battery for everyday use. Time and again, Duracell batteries outperform inferior brands, powering more demanding devices for longer, and now we've introduced Duracell Ultra - our most powerful battery ever. Duracell Ultra has been specifically designed to provide extreme performance for the most demanding devices. The most powerful batteries we have ever made, Duracell Ultra are proven to last longer than any other battery, even outperforming our Duracell Plus battery range.

The Duracell brand has long been associated with high performance and reliability, making Duracell the most trusted battery for all applications. Our experience and expertise in producing exceptional quality batteries is unrivalled. In fact, we have been doing just that for over 90 years and it is this heritage that enables us to manufacture the finest batteries ever made.