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Argus Camera Battery & Charger

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Argus Digital Cameras

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35AF 35HFM 35MDX 75 Portrait 127 257 Insta-Load 260 264 Insta-Load 400 435 560P 600 800 800 TelePhoto A750 A900 AF100 AF360 AF380D AF390D AF400 AF710D APS400 AZ400 BBC-1000 C3AF C5CSF C5FCM C5MSF C7AF C7SAF C520 C540 C620 C630 C640 C640D C670 C670D C720 C720D C770 C770D Cintar 306 Cintar 350 Cintar 520 Cintar 560P Cintar 586 Cintar587 CX35 DC1710 DC1730 DC1750 DC1770 DC2000 DC2000i DC2300 DC2700 DC3000 DC3150 DC3200 DC3210 DC3260 DC3330 DC3420 DC3500 DC3510 DC3550 DC3650 DC3810 DC5540 F595 FCC270 FF235 FF250 FF270D FF300 FF310D FF320 FF330 FF500D FL200 G335 G345 G635 G635D G835 G835D Genesis II M400 M450 M500 M1000 M1500 M2000 M3000 M4000 M4300 M4500 M7500 M8500 M8500D MD5 MD135 R10 R20 R40D SF35 SP30 Panorama

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123A B-160 B-162 B-262


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